More To Do At The Zoo

Safari North Wildlife Park offers a variety of optional experiences to enjoy the zoo and make your day memorable.

Dino Dig

Let your imagination run wild and dig for ancient dinosaurs. You could make the next big discovery.

Jungle Jumpers

Are you a jumper? How far can you jump? Our jungle jumper exhibit will see how you stack up against the jumping power of animals around the world.

Photo Opportunities

We have a number of photo opportunities where visitors can have their picture taken with various animals. Nothing like having your picture taken with a fierce grizzly bear.

We have a number of other park attractions that will be of interest or make a good opportunity for a photo or two, such as our waterwheel.



Feed the Giraffes

Wildlife Park Play Area

If the kids are not quite worn out we can help with that!

Stop by the play area and let them have all the fun they want. It's located just across from the snack shack.

Our play area features professional play ground equipment that includes slides, ladders and spring animals.

Want to challenge the kids a little more? Then our giant spider web will do the job. Kids can climb around on the largest spider web in the area.

Just hope the spider doesn't actually show up!

Barn Yard & Petting Area

Feeding the animals at Safari North Wildlife Park is a thrill for any age. While you enjoy your stay at Safari North take a walk on the wild side as you hand feed the white tail deer, or step up high and feed a giraffe from the comforts of our feeding station.

Then pet the animals in the barn yard petting zoo. A great place where kids and adults can spend time petting our favorite domestic animals.

Lots of great opportunities for kids to pet and feed the animals.

Never had a chance to milk a cow? Now anyone can come by the milking barn and milk our cow.

This is a great moment so don’t forget your camera!

Camel Rides

Ride the ships of the desert! Enjoy a camel ride or for the younger take a pony ride!

Enjoy the view of the African and Asian grass lands exhibits from the viewing area, see animals together just as you would in their natural settings.

Parakeet Encounter

Experience the chance to mingle with 100's of parakeets in the parakeet landing exhibit.

There is a lot to see and do here at Safari North Wildlife Park!

Monkey World

We also have a number of different monkeys from around the world, so stop by our monkey world to see ring tailed lemurs, spider monkeys, olive baboons, mandrill baboon and ruff lemurs.